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What are people saying about Ready Freddie?

  • Such prompt, polite and efficient service!!! Ready Freddie was able to attend to my numerous requests for a rather large and diverse group, staying in different locations, in a matter of minutes. Not only were they able to make all the arrangements in record time but their prices were super reasonable too. Will definitely use them again!!
  • Ready Freddie has been providing transport for us and our family since their inception: first class service, always friendly, reliable and efficient. We feel safe using Fred for ourselves as well as for our the kids when they go out to party. We can honestly recommend Ready Freddie without hesitation.
  • "Fred is amazing! He immediately made us feel like we've known him for years. He seems to care so much that his clients have a good experience. I don't usually do reviews, but I feel confident this time that I can recommend Reddie Freddie to anyone."
  • Ready Freddie efficient, prompt and safe service..will recommend to anyone who require good transport..
  • “Ready Freddie saving lives one ride at a time!”
  • “Ready Freddie has literally saved my life time and time again! His service is reliable, and trustworthy. I would not be able to manage the demands of three kids without it! AND safe return from fetes for me!”
  • Arrived at 1am with 13 suitcases and 6 people. Ready Freddie was there with 2 vehicles to pick us up and transport our bags. Thanks Ready Freddie for the awesome service.
  • Better than all the rest. Simply the best!
  • I have had nothing but the best of great experiences and punctuality at all times . 100% recommend
  • Very reliable and on time service. Highly recommended for your comfortable transportation needs.
  • Ready Freddie is a really fantastic reliable service he has taken transport to another leave he’s has in a short time not just increase his service but his knowledge of traffic pattern business hours and airline departure and arrival has made using Ready Friddie and one stop for business and personal transportation needs.
  • Friendly , reliable and Safe Service.
  • Safe and reliable .. will use them every time
  • Very good service
  • This is a new market you can look at.
  • Good morning I have used this service a few times and I was very pleased. I have one suggestion, please try to offer your services to more differently abled people...
  • Hi Fred absolutely... Fred Archer aka Ready Freddie Taxi Service is without a doubt a top tier service, always on time, always available to modify timing if need be and the vehicles are spotless
  • Kent J
    "Always on time"
    Kent J
  • Wanna go out limin then Freddie's is your best bet. Drink and be merry and Freddie will do the rest.
  • Ready Freddie's airport service is the most friendly and reliable that I've used in Trinidad for the last 3 years.
  • Knowing my daughter and her friends were in safe hands to attend a function far away that I wasn’t able to transport her too, was the priceless Peace of Mind that Ready Freddie provided. Thank you for your service.

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